Bloomin’ Crazy goes Atomic

Yup, so now I’m an “Indy crafter”.

Atomic display

It all started this past summer when I decided to make hypertufa planters.  Armed with huge bags of Portland cement, perlite and peat moss, I began the somewhat long process.  Somewhere between mixing and molding I noticed the same thing happening as when I’m in the kitchen… I can’t make a small batch of anything.  As a result I ended up with twenty-some containers of all shapes and sizes.  As I proudly looked out over my completed work, the reality of my creative frenzy hit me.  I mean, how many hypertufa containers does one person REALLY need?  I thought of giving them as gifts to family and friends but that list is small and I figured I wouldn’t deplete my supply until the year 2020!

I don’t know how I came across it but I heard about the Atomic Holiday Bazaar.

atomicbazaar_2colorversion1 (2)

Not just your ordinary craft show where you pay a fee and set up a table… your craft is screened before being accepted into the show.  Since my desire to (possibly) get rid of some of my inventory was bigger than my fear of rejection, I hesitantly sent Adrien some pictures of my work.

In no time at all I got the happy news that I would have a spot in the show and there was enough time in between to allow the containers to properly cure.  There was also enough time for my mind to go off in all directions.  I have never done a show and didn’t know what to expect.  What if I just sit there all day and watch people pass by without a glance?  Is it normal that no matter how sure you are of your capabilities, when you decide to put yourself out there, the doubts creep in?  I loved my containers and my friends were all complimentary (but they’re supposed to be)… the big question was would SRQ love my stuff?  Love it enough to want to take one home I mean.

These planters are really a creative outlet not what pays the bills so while waiting for the big day to arrive I developed my game plan.  I would use this as a networking opportunity and a promotional tool for Bloomin’ Crazy.  I had flyers printed that listed the services Bloomin’ Crazy offers.  I created a colorful banner that had my business name and logo on it hoping to call attention to my table.  I got some gift certificates to a local restaurant as an incentive to buy.  When the day arrived, I felt I had all the bases covered.  If I made a sale, that would be a bonus.


My honey was there to help me unload and all too soon he was gone.  I think he was as nervous as I was.  Before the show opened, I had the chance to chit-chat with a few other vendors.  I strolled around a bit and as I looked at all the crafts being offered, it was inspiring.  People are so creative.  If you couldn’t find something that caught your eye, you weren’t looking.  There was so much to see in such a limited amount of time.

When it came time to close up shop, Timmy had a lot less to load into the truck.  My planters were a hit so my family and friends can rest easy.

So, while my life as a “plant-lady” is my bread and butter, I have dipped my toes into the world of Indie crafts and found the waters invigorating to say the least.  New ideas are beginning to fill my mind for next year… but it all starts with that application!

Thanks Adrien!

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