Rosemary officinalis

An aromatic perennial, rich in beauty, and lore

¹A garden with abundant crops of Rosemary came to signify that the woman ruled the roost!  The menfolk must have caught on and being menfolk… began ritually ripping out the plants.


If you haven’t incorporated Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) into your landscape…. what are ya waiting for?  If your gardening preference leans towards un-demanding and low maintenance plants, which mine does, Rosemary is a must have!

Drought Tolerant:  

With Mediterranean origins, Rosemary is a perfect Florida friendly choice as it will tolerate our hot summers and dry winters.  Another Florida friendly benefit is it isn’t picky about the soil and we do have some poor soil.  As long as the soil drains well and doesn’t stay wet, the plant should do well.  It’s a drought tolerant plant in the landscape so you shouldn’t have to worry about extra watering except in the driest conditions when we have no rain for a while.

Container plantings are another thing.  Yes, it will take less water than most plants, but don’t forget it’s there.  Containers plants dry out quickly in our heat and how fast it dries out depends on how deep your container is and  what it’s made out of.


I say there is no such thing as too much Rosemary and I’ve had no problem starting new plants.   Just snip some tips (remove the foliage from the stem that will be below the soil) and poke them into some potting medium.  I don’t use root-tone or anything.  Just put them in a sunny spot and don’t keep the cuttings too wet.

Landscap Uses:

Rosemary is simple and versatile.  It’s strong enough to stand alone but it can also be used as a subtle filler.  Choose a stiff upright variety to add structure and height to your landscape.  Or a low, mounding variety to fill and spread in rock gardens or along raised walls.  Add some Rosemary to a container in your front entry, the scent is heavenly.

²Light: Sun

Zones: 6-10

Plant Type: Perennial, Herb, ShrubPlant

Height: 1-6 feet

Width: 2-4 feet wide

Flower Color: Shades of pink or blue

Bloom Time: Blooms in summer in the north; possible ever-blooming in warm-winter climates

Rosemary has it all:

Flowers, fragrance, birds and butterfly’s love it but the deer don’t.  It’s easy to grow and we can eat it.  What’s not to love?  Go get’cha some!

¹ History, Myths & Legends of Aromatherapy

² Rosemary – Plant Encyclopedia

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