Spanking the overgrown plant

Martha may have never put her seal on it but I will!

Pruning: It’s a good thing

~Bloomin’ Crazy~

A feast for your eyes. Bougainvillea loaded with color, brightening up your entry.

First ImpressionDriving by the home, this plant looks magnificent.  But if you wander up close and inspect the situation, you will see there are many problems associated with allowing the plant to become so overgrown.


Looking underneath you will see bare, leggy branches with all the foliage and blooms concentrated at the ends.  There is also a ton of dead stuff in there… along with assorted nests.  Nest’s are fine as long as they are birds nests but I draw the line at rodents.  Another problem with something that is so overgrown is that it wanders out and blocks the light from reaching any plantings below.

The homeowner has  Bird of Paradise on each side of her entry.  In the first photo you will see how the boug has grown over and into the Bird,  it has also grown over her tree and grown is growing over her roof.  Time for a spanking!


It was a shock for the homeowner but the monster had to be tamed (in her heart she knew this)!  It has been pruned back for shape and all the dead wood has been cleared out (nests too).

Notice how the trunk of the tree on the left is leaning from supporting the weight of the plant.  The backside of the tree also suffered, looking like one of those plants I see in offices that never get rotated.  They look great until you look at the backside.  I don’t think there is much hope for a trunk that stands straight but now that the sunlight can reach the entire tree, I hope it will even out the growth in time.


Many people like a “cottage style” landscape and aren’t real go-getters when it comes to pruning, that’s fine.  But we set boundaries for our kids, why not our plants. When one plant is allowed to encroach on another plant affecting its health, it’s time.  Break out the pruners and give it a spanking!


It’s been a month since its spanking and look… new growth.  In no time at all it will fill out and full of new growth and blooms.  I can’t wait to show you the pictures.

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