Where does your garden grow?

If it’s in the front yard … WATCH OUT!!!

The scenario:  A neighbor complains and the city reacts by sending the homeowner a notice.  The front yard garden has to go or there will be hefty fines to pay.

How many of us would have pulled up our plants and run to the sod store?  So, I gotta admire the Helvenston’s for standing their ground and asking why.  Why can’t we develop our property as we see fit?  Why do we have to grow grass instead of food?  Hummm.  A simple “why” has the city re-thinking their codes and forming task forces.

Too much government?

Let them eat Frankenfish

This is scary… the older I get I entertain notions of conspiracy theories.  Especially when I see how big business and government work hand in hand.  It’s a big money-making deal between the two and our health and welfare don’t seem to fit in the plan.

Watch TV for an hour.  During which, we are fed a kazillion commercials featuring processed, sugar loaded, trans-fat infused food stuff.  We are told how much time we save and how satisfied our hungry family will be, just open a box.  If we just can’t find time to whip up a box of Helper, the golden arches are there to welcome us in, saving the day.

What if every American decided to take back control of our diets, our health, and our wallets by growing our own food?  Local governments can claim they want to promote sustainability but instead of paving the way for citizens to be more self-sufficient, they throw up roadblocks.  Something as simple as growing food for our family should not have to be complicated.

Monsanto, Kraft, and fast food restaurants should not be profiting at the expense of our health.  Is it OK to settle for a simple label telling us our food is genetically engineered or should we start our own revolution instead and plant some tomatoes?  We could really go off the deep end  and invest in a few hens for the back yard.  Enough is enough when the FDA is on the verge of approving Frankenfish.

Time to take back control:

There was a time when government encouraged citizens to grow their own food (I bet it didn’t matter where you planted a plot).  A victory garden was patriotic and it was our way of taking an active part in the war effort.

There are things we can do to take back control of our food.  First of all, get educated on your local codes so you know your rights.  Then get planting!

  • Florida vegetable garden guide:  If you are blessed with property, you can grow something all year-round by paying attention to the planting dates.  This guide provides recommendations for home gardens but the information may be useful for container, community, and market gardens.
  •  Container gardening:  It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or condo.  You can grow some veggies in containers.
  • If you just can’t find a place to plant, find out about your local community gardens.
  • If you find your just can’t get into gardening, you can make your mark by shopping at your local farmers market.
  • Form a co-op or buying club with your friends and buy your produce in bulk from organic wholesalers.

Is Government making decisions in our best interest?

“Earthjustice files lawsuit to stop further pollution in the Everglades”:  “This is obviously not in the public interest,” Guest said. “These leases would allow corporate agricultural pollution to continue unabated, and there is no requirement for any additional cleanup. These state leases don’t even include any pollution discharge limits to protect the Everglades. We shouldn’t stand for shenanigans like this, and we won’t.”

“Petition tells Obama to cease FDA  ties with Monsanto”In 2009, President Obama appointed Michael Taylor as a senior adviser for the FDA. Consumer groups protested the appointment because Taylor had formerly served as a vice president for Monsanto, the controversial agricultural multinational at the forefront of genetically modified food.

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