Aesthetic beauty is naturally soothing by creating an environment that is pleasing to our senses.  Studies prove it… having plants in our homes and offices lowers our stress and improves performance.

Plants offer benefits far beyond aesthetic beauty.  They clean the air, lower temperatures, buffer noise and ease glare.  In your landscape, they provide food and shelter for wildlife.  When you consider all their benefits, plants are not an extravagance… they are a necessity.

Mixed Hupertufa planter

Why choose Bloomin’ Crazy?

Happy plants and beautiful landscapes don’t just happen, they take time, knowledge, and a caregiver whose main focus is on your plants.  Bloomin’ Crazy offers the services that save your time.  I love what I do and as a small business owner, my reputation as a reliable and trustworthy caregiver means everything.


Bloomin’ Crazy is a member of the Florida Native Plant Society, licensed and insured to service residential and commercial accounts in the Sarasota County area.

Your personal gardener:  Once a week we visit to check your plants water needs, we groom, and also inspect for pests.  Service is billed on a montly basis.

Temporary care:  Be assured your plants are given the proper care while you are out-of-town.  To reserve the dates you are away, a deposit is required before departure.

One time service:  We can handle most small to mid-size jobs including Mulching,  plant installations, re-potting, clean-ups, or pruning.  In your pool-cage or your yard, we can take care of your seasonal landscape needs.  One time services are billed by the hour, plants and materials are extra.

To schedule a consultation, call (941)-536-6687